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What We Do

Labyrinth combines first rate storytelling with award-winning interactive design to bring your policies to life.  We move you beyond slideshows and into a world of characters and situations that will turn your employees into a captivated audience.  They’ll engage in the experience, so the lessons are delivered when you have their full attention.  Don’t just check a box, affect behavior.

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Listen to Co-Founder, Peter Grossman talk “Compliance Training to Influence Behavior” on FCPA Compliance Report


Trainings + Process

Labyrinth has created trainings on topics ranging from Anti-Corruption, Data Privacy and Conflicts of Interest to the most engaging, interactive, comprehensive Anti-Harassment offering in the industry.  Complete with Bystander training, our package satisfies both California and New York State law.  We specialize in custom orders, working with your internal departments to take your policies from the page to the screen. Our unique style allows your employees to dictate the path of their experience while ensuring they receive the lessons they need as they go.


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